Your beauty expert – naturally!

Forget everything you thought you knew about beauty salons and their traditional beauticians. Naturo-Esthétique® is a method of training women who are aware of the importance of natural beauty, aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and who have chosen to train in active bio cosmetic procedures.

Your Naturo-Beautician is attentive to your every need, and after an intense beauty diagnosis, will be able to advise you based on your skin type and lifestyle.

The effectiveness of Phyt’s products paired with unique, highly-skilled massages ensure an extreme sense of well-being and results that speak for themselves.

For long-lasting effectiveness after your in-booth treatment, your beautician will provide you with a tailor-made beauty regimen for you to follow at home.


Naturo-Beauticians are trained in-house at the Laboratoires Phyt’s in Caillac in the Lot region, where they are awarded a Naturo-Beautician certificate. Their knowledge is regularly updated.

Over the course of their program, the Naturo-Beautician in training covers Phyt’s face and body treatment procedures along with the specific features of each of the brand’s products.

Each treatment requires highly specific moves. The moves carried out by beauticians are inspired by Chinese medicine, shiatsu, reflexology, Californian massage, lymphatic draining and relaxation techniques.

Let your Naturo-Beautician and Phyt’s be the guardian angels of your beauty.


Bio-Active Slimming Program
Targeted Body Treatment