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For a cuddle-up that won’t scratch !

Very different from that of women, men’s skin requires specific care that adapts to its physiology and needs. Light textures which penetrate instantly, refreshing scents, muscled-up synergies of efficient, proven, natural ingredients... the Phyt’s Men product range was created and specifically tailored for men’s skin. Let yourself be seductive by invigorating Ginseng, stimulating Mint, Bamboo Scrub, soothing Aloe Ferox... and above all, by who you are, a Phyt’s Man !



Phyt's : Crème à Raser

Crème à Raser

Shaving Cream - Shaving comfort

Type of skin :
Expectation : Shave
Presentation : Tube 100 g

Light and creamy, it prevents irritation by improving razor glides. Enriched with Palm oil, Hemp oil and Sunflower oil, the skin is nourished and protected.

Aloe ferox, Bitter orange*, Geranium*, Natural Vitamin E, Ginseng*, Menthol*, Tea-tree*, Palm*, Sunflower*, Hemp*

Before applying the cream, splash on a little hot water to soften the bristle. Shave, preferably, in the morning when your skin is fresh and rested.

Phyt's : Fluide Hydratant Après-Rasage

Fluide Hydratant Après-Rasage

After-Shave Moisturizing Care - Soothing Care

Type of skin :
Expectation : Shave
Presentation : Tube 75 g

Rich in Nigella oil and essential oil of Bitter orange, soothing and antiseptic, it calms razor burn and soothes tight skin. Fluid and nongreasy, it leaves the skin moisturised**, supple and protected.

Nigella*, Aloe ferox, Bitter Orange*, Geranium*, Natural Vitamin E, Ginseng*, Mint*, Geranium*, Tea tree*

Apply to the entire face to soothe and moisturise focusing on the cheeks, chin and neck.

Phyt's : Soin Anti-Rides

Soin Anti-Rides

Anti-Wrinkle Care

Type of skin :
Expectation : Maintain
Presentation : Tube 40 g

Anti-Ageing - Nourishing
This fresh and non-greasy fluid calms the first signs of ageing. Thanks to its Organic active ingredients 100% of natural origin, wrinkles and small lines are smoothed. The skin is firmer, moisturised** and radiant.

Nigella*, Shea* Butter, Sesame*, Hazelnut*, Hemp*, Aloe ferox, Geranium, Ginseng

Times of stress, looking tired, dull skin? Remember to cleanse your skin with one of the Gels Nettoyants Phyt's and apply the Soin Anti-rides. The Ginseng they contain is rich in nutrients (oligo-elements, vitamins and minerals). Guaranteed radiance!

Phyt's : Soin Matifiant

Soin Matifiant

Matifying Care - Equilibrating

Type of skin :
Expectation : Maintain
Presentation : Tube 40 g

Ultra light and non-greasy, it penetrates the skin rapidly and helps to fight the problem of excess sebum. Rich in essential oils of Tea Tree, Palmarosa and Thyme, purifying and astringent, it removes shine from the skin and combats skin imperfections.

Ginseng*, Lemon*, Cypress*, Rosemary*, Tea-tree*, Lavander*, Thyme* Clove*, Cinnamon*, Haselnut*

For a good complexion all year round, there is only one watchword: exfoliate, do away with shiny skin and nourish.

Phyt's : Gel Nettoyant Oxygénant

Gel Nettoyant Oxygénant

Oxygenating Cleansing Gel

Type of skin :
Expectation : Cleanse
Presentation : Tube 100 g

Purifying - Energizing
Extremely gentle, it cleanses the skin without drying it. Thanks to Mint and Ginseng, fresh and revitalising, the skin rediscovers radiance and firmness. A guaranteed boost !

Mint*, Ginseng*, Geranium*, Tea tree*

Rinse with cold water to close the pores.

Phyt's : Gel Nettoyant Désincrustant

Gel Nettoyant Désincrustant

Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

Type of skin :
Expectation : Cleanse
Presentation : Tube 100 g

Exfoliating - Cleansing
This fresh gel eliminates impurities and limits the appearance of ingrown hair thanks to exfoliating extract of Bamboo. The skin is left clean and radiant.

Mint*, Ginseng*, Extract of Bamboo marrow, Geranium*, Tea tree*

Take note that cleansing does not mean stripping!

Phyt's : Eau parfumée Après-Rasage

Eau parfumée Après-Rasage

Scented After-Shave Lotion - Toning Mist

Type of skin :
Expectation : Maintain
Presentation : spray bottle 100 ml

A discreet and relaxing perfume of citrus fruit with a light aromatic thrill... Eau Parfumée Après-Rasage gives you an immediate feeling of freshness and vitality.

Grapefruit*, Juniper Berry*, Patchouli*, Sandalwood, Balsam Fir*, Lavander*, Orange*

After making shaving with the Shaving Cream, freshening and perfuming the skin with the scented water. A spray pump for quick and easy application!


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.