Inspired by an increase in skin complaints among newborns and enhanced by its wealth of experience in fully natural products, today the Laboratoires PHYT’S are helping mothers by offering a range of targeted, pure organic ‘1er âge’ products, based exclusively on natural ingredients.



Phyt's : Change Confort Bébé

Change Confort Bébé

Treatment for an inflamed bottom

Type of skin :
Expectation :
Presentation : Tube 100 g

Protects and soothes baby’s bottom. Makes the skin soft.

Lavander*, Bitter Orange*, Shea Butter*, Hemp*, Natural Vitamin E, Palmarosa*

After cleaning baby’s bottom with Lait de toilette 1st age, delicately spread a blob of cream on sensitive or inflamed areas. Renew with each nappy change. Use Change confort as prevention during periods susceptible to bottom rashes (teething, fevers…). For night nappy change, apply a thicker layer of cream to create a long-lasting protective barrier.

Phyt's : Tendre Massage

Tendre Massage

Care and balance

Type of skin :
Expectation :
Presentation : Tube 40 g

Your baby’s well-being and relaxed state.
Helps baby to have a good sleep. Leaves a protective and nutritive film.

Bitter Orange*, Sunflower*, Jojoba*, Hemp*, Natural Vitamin E

Melt small quantities of the gel in your hand and massage all the body except the head. A massage of a stomach with colitus relieves pains. Babies of less than 2 months old or sick babies should not be massaged.

Phyt's : Gel Moussant Bébé

Gel Moussant Bébé

2 in 1 Hygiene

Type of skin :
Expectation :
Presentation : Tube 200 g

Skin-protecting. Gently cleans baby’s body and hair
Shampoo non-irritant for eyes and scalp. Helps to eliminate cradle cap. Soft and emollient body gel. Relaxing olfactive elements of Neroli and Lavandin ideal for baby’s bath.

Hybrid Lavander*, Lavander*, Palmarosa*, Bitter Orange*

Apply a blob of gel on a damp flannel or hand to wash body and hair. Rinse with clear water.

Phyt's : Lait de Toilette Bébé

Lait de Toilette Bébé

Hygiene and protection

Type of skin :
Expectation :
Presentation : Tube 200 g

Cleans your baby gently.
Leaves a protective film and delicately perfumes.

Centella*, Jojoba*, Calendula extract*, Bitter Orange*, Lavander*, Sunflower*, Beeswax*, Hemp*, Palmarosa*

With a cotton, clean baby’s body and face. Remove surplus with clean cotton without water.


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.