Dietary supplements

Phyt’s dietary supplements speak your body’s language. The Laboratoires Phyt’s have taken a holistic approach to beauty since their very beginnings, where internal well-being enhanced by dietary supplements is inseparable from beauty treatments. Phyt’s develops its dietary supplements, fusing natural authenticity and science, by relying on tradition as much as on the latest nutritional findings.

Plant knowledge

Mastering the domain of plants ensures quality while preserving the environment :

  • Use of certified organic plants as soon as possible,
  • Natural extraction of vitamins as soon as possible,
  • - Traceability from the seed to the plant – and the plant to the capsule.

Special features

Most of our dietary supplements come in capsule form. This is the most acceptable as it is easier for the consumer to take, has no taste, ensures hygiene and cleanliness. Phyt’s also offers liquid dietary supplements, whether in bottles or ampoules. The originality of Phyt’s dietary supplements lies in our philosophy of combining organic plants with natural extracts. These features mean Phyt’s dietary supplements speak your body’s language.