Phyt’s – a brand that respects humankind and the planet alike

Phyt’s seeks to develop cosmetics while safeguarding mankind and the environment :

Formulation and procurement

  • Idex of 100% pure and natural essential oils sourced from organic farming,
  • Establishing of commercial relationships that are respectful of producers


  • Management of effluent waste, with waste water being directed to a pre-treatment plant.
  • Machines cleaned with neutral detergents referenced by organic cosmetics labels.
  • Energy saving: a heat exchanger to be built to naturally retain ground heat in the winter and coolness in the summer.


  • Use of biodegradable and recyclable packaging and POS advertising to be sourced from managed forests.

Personalisation At Phyt’s, the verb ‘to treat’ carries all of its meanings

  • Because you are unique, Phyt’s aims to bring you tailored, completely safe treatments.
  • Phyt’s salon treatments are prepared in uni-dose glass ampoules that come in a blister pack. A single kit is equivalent to a full treatment, including a cleanser, lotion, exfoliator, serum and cream.
  • The procedure guarantees excellent product preservation, total hygiene and personalized selection, whilst facilitating treatment preparation. The Naturo-Beautician selects the relevant blister pack containing the targeted treatment, and whisks you off for a one to one and a half hour session of pure bliss…
  • Whether for the face or the body using our Minceur Bio Active programme, your treatment is utterly unique and tailored to meet your needs.