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Capyl Treatment, targets redness

Designed to comfort skin with diffuse rednesses. It particularly suits dry or fine skins. It all begins with the Cleansing Milk & Tonic, then, gentle scrub for skin renewal action removes dead cells without aggressive agents. Capyl Rose, an aqueous serum will soothe rednesses. The next step will be the lympho-energy modelage, with the serum and its golden pearls, followed by a relaxing treat: the application of a mask on face, neck and décolleté. Once the mask removed, a good protection of your skin with Soin Nutri-Protecteur marks the end of the treatment.

Phyt's : Capyl Treatment, targets redness


Centella Asiatica, Horse chestnut

Type Of Skin : Skin prone the redness
Expectation : Soothes and targets redness
Duration : 1h
Recommended frequency : Once a month or a 6 week-treatment (once a week)


• A soothed skin
• Smoothed features


Anti-Comedones Treatment

Deep cleanses and restores for skins proned to comedones with dilated pores. Cleansing and gentle scrub prepare the skin to black head removing. A tailored modelage, performed with a balancing serum and the application of a mask will facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients. The treatment ends on the application of a cream on the whole face, neck and décolleté to nourish your skin.

Phyt's : Anti-Comedones Treatment


Thyme, Magnesium, Rosemary, Camphor, Potassium

Type Of Skin : Oily skin, skin imperfections
Expectation : Purifies and works on imperfections
Duration : 1h15
Recommended frequency : A 6 week treatment (once a week)


• Purified skin
• Imperfections targeted
• Brighter complexion