Anti-Pollution Revitalising Treatment


Anti-Pollution Revitalising Treatment

It recharges the batteries of the skin exposed to pollution, dull, stressed and tired and at the same time offers a protective, anti adhesion film against urban aggressions. This short treatment combines fresh and natural fragrances and light and smooth textures to restore energy and radiance to the skin.
It starts with gentle exfoliation, followed by Phyt’s massage routine and revitalising motions for regenerated skin. Then comes the energising and fresh Masque Anti-Pollution before the green notes of the moisteriser to finish with.
It is healthy, refreshed, and ready to face external aggressions.

Phyt's : Anti-Pollution Revitalising Treatment


Marine* extracts, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E of plant origin, Rosemary

Type Of Skin : Dull, devitalised, stressed skin, exposed to polluting agents
Expectation : Oxygenates, Revitalises, Highlights and preserves the skin from pollution
Duration : 45 minutes
Recommended frequency : 6 sessions, once a week.


Refreshed and energised skin
Oxygenated skin
A glowing complexion