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Hands and Feet Bio Product range

To each his own gentleness

To clean your skin, to hydrate it, to nourish it, to provide special care for sensitive areas ... so many ordinary habits but which are essential to well-being. And what if these rituals that seem so natural to you were to become reality thanks to PHYT’S ? Succumb to the ultra softness of Body Care, respectful and protective, which combines health, pleasure and absolute naturalness.



Phyt's : Soin Nutri-Réparateur Pieds

Soin Nutri-Réparateur Pieds

Foot Cream Nourishing - Protective

Type of skin :
Expectation : Pamper
Presentation : Tube 100 g

Rich in nourishing and softening virgin oils, this cream offers nutrition, suppleness and elasticity.

Beeswax*, Rape*, Sunflower*, Whiter Gray, Hemp*, Shea Butter*, Mint*, Argan*, Tea Tree*

Apply liberally to the feet insisting on dry areas.

Phyt's : Crème Mains et Ongles

Crème Mains et Ongles

Hands and Nails Cream Nourishing - Protective

Type of skin :
Expectation : Pamper
Presentation : Tube 40 g

Thanks to its organic active ingredients, it softens and nourrishes the hands. Ideal to protect dry and damaged hands...

Patchouli*, Sandalwood, Hybrid Lavander*, Aloe Vera*, Tocopherol, Bitter Orange*, Lemon*

Put a blob of Crème Mains et Ongles on each hand. Complete massage of hand (back, palm, fingers, nails).

Phyt's : Huil Ongles et Cuticules

Huil Ongles et Cuticules

Nails and Cuticles Oil

Type of skin :
Expectation : Pamper
Presentation : Spray Bottle 30 ml

Tonic - Nourishing
Softens the cuticles and nourishes the nails. Perfect for strengthening weak and brittle nails.

Argan*, Jojoba* Borage*, Apricot*, Sunflower*, Myrte*, Lemon*, Parsley, Tocopherol

Apply to the nails and cuticles, and massage into the skin.


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.