To each his own gentleness

To clean your skin, to hydrate it, to nourish it, to provide special care for sensitive areas ... so many ordinary habits but which are essential to well-being. And what if these rituals that seem so natural to you were to become reality thanks to PHYT’S ? Succumb to the ultra softness of Body Care, respectful and protective, which combines health, pleasure and absolute naturalness.



Phyt's : Déodorant Fraîcheur Thé Vert

Déodorant Fraîcheur Thé Vert

Deodorant Fresh Green Tea

Type of skin :
Expectation : Preserve
Presentation : Roll-On 50ml

Deodorant Roll On
Neutralises odors, refreshes thanks to the green tea scent and respects the skin. Déodorant Fraîcheur Thé Vert doesn’t disrupt the physiological process of perspiration because it doesn’t contain aluminum salts.

Active deodorant ingredient of natural origin obtained by fermentation of Corn starch, Mallow*, Aloe Vera*, Scent of natural origin Green Tea

Daily use. Apply Deodorant Fresh Green Tea after the shower to clean and dry skin or any time of the day for a fresh feeling.

Phyt's : Déophyt's


Fresh deodorant spray

Type of skin :
Expectation : Preserve
Presentation : Atomizer 100 ml

no aluminium.
This high tolerance, dermoprotector, antiperspirant deodorant respects the skin and helps to prevent irritations, even for the most sensitive skin types.

Lemon*, Mandarin*, Cypress*, Pine*, Tea Tree*, Oregano*, Aloe Vera*, Lavander*, Eucalyptus*, Bitter Orange*, Lemongrass*

Shake before using. Spray fine mist under armpits or feet.

Phyt's : Post Epil

Post Epil

Gentle protective - Care post depilation

Type of skin :
Expectation : Preserve
Presentation : Atomizer 100 ml

High tolerance dermoprotector. Relieves irritations after hair removal, even for the most sensitive skin types.

Lavander*, Mint *, Glycerin

After hair-removal, spray on Post-epil, whether at home or in Beauty salon, whichever removal method used, and however big the area treated. Further advice: Before hair-removal, apply pure Naturoderm on the area to eliminate bacteria.


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.