To each his own gentleness

To clean your skin, to hydrate it, to nourish it, to provide special care for sensitive areas ... so many ordinary habits but which are essential to well-being. And what if these rituals that seem so natural to you were to become reality thanks to PHYT’S ? Succumb to the ultra softness of Body Care, respectful and protective, which combines health, pleasure and absolute naturalness.



Phyt's : Gommage Corporel

Gommage Corporel

Body Exfoliator - Scrub gently

Type of skin :
Expectation : Exfoliate
Presentation : Tube 200 g

Exfoliating foaming gel containing microparticles of apricot kernel pits which eliminate dead cells. Essential oils provide a gentle exfoliation thanks to their soft and soothing properties. The skin is cleaned and extremely soft.

Apricot Pit powder, Orange*, Lavander*, Hybrid Lavander*, Glycerin, Palmarosa*

Apply one time per week in the shower. Rinse thoroughly.

Phyt's : Gel Douceur Intime

Gel Douceur Intime

Intimate Cleansing Gel - Intimate hygiene

Type of skin :
Expectation : Clean
Presentation : Tube 100 g

This gel gently cleanses and leaves a sensation of freshness. Its physiological pH allows it to respect the balance of the intimate flora and protect all mucosa including sensitive ones.

Calendula*, Tea-tree*, Mint*, Géranium*, Cèdre

Cleanses softly and leaves a fresh and natural comfort sensation

Phyt's : Gel Nettoyant Mains

Gel Nettoyant Mains

Cleansing Gel - Hand hygiene

Type of skin :
Expectation : Clean
Presentation : Pump Bottle 400 ml

Anti-bacterial vegetal actives act in synergy to gently clean the skin. Without irritating or drying it. The skin is soft and delicately perfumed.

Tensio-actifs doux, issus de l’huile de palme, de coprah et du glucose, Hydrolat de Menthe*, Tea Tree*, Palmarosa*, Lavande

Pour into the palm of your hands, lather is cleaner and rinse with clear water.


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.