Escapade Azuréo

Body treatment sensorial and natural

Keep enjoying the Escapade at home

Azure and aquatic colors blend to create a genuine and fresh range. Your skin feels ultra light under the caress of tea, lotus and bamboo shaving scents.



Phyt's : Galet Exfoliant

Galet Exfoliant

Exfoliating soap

Type of skin : All skin types
Expectation : Scrub
Presentation : Case 100 gr

An azure colored soap rich in bamboo crystals that water turns into daily ritual. Gently exfoliates and tones up your skin. One of favourite products in our range!

Soap pellets, Bamboo powder, Fucus extract, Peppermint essential oil.
99% of the ingredients are of natural origin; 72% are from organic farming.

Once to twice a week, on wet skin, gently massage on whole body with upward circular movements then rinse off. Insist on rough areas (callosities, knees and elbows) for refined skin texture.


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.