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From the heart of Nature springs brightness

For all those who lead a hectic life and whose skin is under daily attack, the Laboratoires Phyt’s has created the Reviderm range, a genuine breath of fresh air. Enriched with Chlorophyll, a revitalising source of life, oxygenating active ingredients and cell renewal stimulants, as well as powerful antioxidants, this range rejuvenates the skin, stimulates radiance and targets the first signs of ageing. The skin breathes. It feels less tired, energised and visibly stronger for an even more radiant complexion.



Phyt's : Masque Reviderm

Masque Reviderm

Instant radiance mask

Presentation : Tube 40 g

This mask features a refreshing fragrance and texture and treats skin to a beauty quick fix. It revives instantly dull skins. Skin is left revitalised and radiant. The complexion is refreshed and glowing. Instant radiance guaranteed !

Plantbased Chlorophyll, Rosemary*, Aloe Vera*, Natural vitamin E

Apply the Reviderm Serum once or twice a week. Apply across the entire face and neck area and leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse, pat dry and apply a treatment product from the Reviderm range.

Phyt's : Crème Reviderm

Crème Reviderm

Revitalising and oxygenating radiance day treatmen

Presentation : Tube 40 g

This cream boosts radiance thanks to the synergy of Brown Seaweed, which stimulates oxygenation and the synthesis of cellular energy, and extract of Pink Pepper, which activates microcirculation. Its hydrating action and powerful anti-oxidants contribute to revitalising the skin and target the first signs of ageing. The skin feels less tired, energized and revitalized.
Satisfaction test performed on 20 women aged 25 to 45 years, with all types of skin, dull, devitalized by dullness or stressed in the face. Application 2 times per day during 21 days.

Plantbased Chlorophyll, Pink Peppercorns, Seaweed, Natural vitamin E

Morning and/or evening, cleanse and tone the skin, then apply to the face, lip and eye contours, neck and cleavage.

Phyt's : Sérum Reviderm

Sérum Reviderm

Regenerating night treatment

Presentation : Case of 40 x 0.4 ml mono-dosed vegetal capsules

The chlorophyll contained in this serum's vegetable oils revitalizes skin. SERUM REVIDERM breathes life back into skin that has lost its shine or been damaged by pollution, targeting early signs of aging thanks to its nourishing active ingredients.

Hemp*, Geranium*, Cypress*, Wheatgerm, Hazelnut*, Sunflower*, Sage*, Natural vitamin E

À noite, fazer penetrar através de uma massagem delicada sobre o conjunto do rosto e pescoço perfeitamente desmaquilhados e tonificados com os Cuidados de Limpeza Phyt's.

Phyt's : Concentré Reviderm

Concentré Reviderm

Radiance booster

Presentation : Tube 40 g

Enriched with oxygenating active ingredients and cell renewing stimulants, this radiance concentrate is a real energy booster and breath of fresh air for dull, tired skin. Its precious Aloe Vera balls release their hydrating power for more radiant skin.

Plantbased Chlorophyll, Aloe Vera*, Plankton, Seaweed, Natural vitamin E

Morning and evening, cleanse and tone the skin, then apply over the face, neck and cleavage. For optimum effect, use before the Reviderm Cream or Serum.


* ingredients issued from organic agriculture.